What to look for when buying second-hand furniture

If you’re thinking of buying a second-hand piece of furniture but aren’t quite sure what to look for then here’s a few tips to get you started.

First of all, as with everything, think about what you can afford. Second-hand furniture can vary in price just the same as pieces bought new so it’s important to remember how much you are able to spend on a single piece. The value of anything can only ever come down to how much you are willing to pay for it. A bargain for one person may not be for the next!

Think about the styles that you love. How could these be translated into an existing piece of furniture? Is it the colour, shape or hardware that you like? Most elements on a piece of furniture can be updated – so look at second-hand pieces with an open mind. If you like the shape of what we like to call the ‘carcass’, usually the rest can be updated to suit you.

To me, quality is important when looking for any piece of furniture – new or second-hand - and quality is much more affordable in second-hand pieces. Really quick giveaway spots are the back and inside the drawers. If these are solid wood, you’re onto a winner!

The final point is to see potential in whatever you are buying. Don’t go for something just because it is cheap or fits the space, there will always be something else that comes up that you like more. Your home should be filled with pieces that you love – new or not!

If you need any help bringing your second-hand pieces back to life, get in touch! We're happy to talk your projects through with you and can help with updating them.

I’d also love to hear your tips and tricks for finding something second hand. If you have some, comment below.