The Christmas Collection

As soon as the colder, darker evenings started closing in, I've been over here gearing up for Christmas at Upcycle Studio!

This year we've got some table decor that you've (hopefully) come to know us for and added in a sprinkling of decorations to keep your home feeling cosy and festive throughout December.

If you're anything like me, you're well on your way to planning for the festivities and have a few gifts already bought, so perhaps you'll find the perfect gift for someone special in our collection this year.

The past year has seen Upcycle Studio moving forward with projects and the homeware that we offer whilst defining our signature style and feel. I'm so pleased that this year's collection is predominantly made using upcycled fabrics, containers and materials to make your festive period as environmentally friendly as possible whilst reflecting our timeless, natural style.

Everything is finished to a high quality so that the collection will stand the test of time - and if there ever comes a time that you don't love it anymore, it can be passed on or repurposed such as using the candle pots for something different.

We also make sure to only use sustainable packaging that can either be re-used or recycled which is something that is so important to us as a small business.

You can check out our brand new collection here - I'd love to know what you think!