A whistle stop tour of our personal upcycle projects

With the exception of our stint at university, we are currently living in our first home that we have had to furnish ourselves and never realised just how expensive furniture is!!

There was no way that we could afford to kit a whole house out with new furniture that we loved and that was of reasonable quality. Second-hand furniture became our best friend.

Now, 18 months later, we’re living through our second round of decoration and are becoming surrounded by upcycled pieces that we LOVE. To Matt’s delight, I’m now an absolute whizz at finding the next piece that would be perfect for a space then come up with big ideas to re-work it to suit our style.

I’ll give you a little tour of our latest upcycled pieces that are bringing us joy at the moment.

This desk is the first piece that we ever upcycled. And by we, I mean I… although of course Matt came with me to collect it which was a stroke of luck as it turned out to be MUCH bigger than expected. Note to self, pay attention to measurements given.

This beauty has been painted in a two-tone style to match the super cool map we have on the wall and, to be honest, it was mainly just a room filler at the time but the process absolutely sang to me.

I’ve learned so much since this first project (the two colours are even different finishes and there certainly wasn’t any primer on there) so I’m really excited to change it up once again to become the main feature of our evolving studio.

Next up is this shelving unit and I’ll be completely honest with this one. We did actually upcycle this beautiful bookcase to sell but when we were storing it, we realised just how perfectly it fitted into the space that we were looking to fill. Work perks!

I love the contrast of the two colours. It was the first piece that I painted black and I absolutely love how it turned out. Plus, a little trip round Ikea gave me the inspiration to keep all my baking bits looking pretty whilst being close to hand. It was meant to be.

The final piece in this little tour is our lovely and simple coffee table. The living room has recently had a cosy update so that we have a place to shut off from the chaos of work going on around us.

I spotted this chunky little table and saw its potential instantly. We stripped it back completely and cleaned it up before finishing it off with this beautiful rustic wax which suits the room perfectly. I can’t see us changing this one up for a while!

If you've upcycled pieces around your home, I'd love to see them! Tag us in your pictures on instagram: @upcycle_studio.