not just a sustainable product...

Sure, upcycled furniture is a sustainable concept. But how do we make our business run as environmentally friendly as possible?

22 million pieces of furniture are thrown into landfill every year in the UK – many of which are in completely useable condition and will sit there for decades to come. To combat this, we take existing pieces of furniture that are good, solid quality and update them to suit a contemporary home.

Lots of us are starting to reject the throw away lifestyle that has been engrained in us and have reverted to the notion of choosing quality that will last over a ‘quick fix’. I’m forever re-arranging and updating my interior and by purchasing previously used pieces and passing on anything that I don’t need anymore, I can do this guilt free.

However, although upcycling is a sustainable concept, our environmental responsibilities don’t end there. We therefore take time to consider every process and material we use so that we can say with confidence: we not only create sustainable products, but are a sustainable business, too.

Our first step in updating furniture is to remove any unwanted hardware. However, we always keep hold of the used handles or feet and pass them on to people or organisations who can use them in their own projects.

After sanding the piece down, we then give it a thorough clean. We use a plastic mixing bowl which has been relegated from the kitchen to hold our warm, sugar-soapy water and old fabrics such as worn tea towels for the cloths.

Next, we use a water-based primer and low VOC paint to ensure that the painting process is emitting the least amount of chemicals into the environment. We use good quality paint brushes which not only give a better finish, but also need to be replaced an awful lot less.

The paint is then sealed using a durable wax so that the finish lasts as long as you love it. The wax is also applied using rags to keep our consumption down.

Before heading home, the piece is brightened up with new hardware. We source high quality handles, feet, and additional bits like hinges etc. so that they never need replacing again – obviously unless you choose to pass them on when updating the piece again!

And, not forgetting, once we’ve finished a tin of paint - we re-use the tins! They’re great for holding paint brushes, screws, scissors… there's barely a room in the house without a useful tin.