Charity shops are back!

Charity shops are back open today and I am absolutely here for it.

Sustainability has become such a huge part of our lives and we all have a responsibility that we just can’t ignore anymore. As someone with a self-confessed shopping habit, buying second-hand feels so much more guilt-free – on both the environment and my purse!

I love nothing more than browsing the local charity shops, finding bits for the house that are filled with character and supporting a local cause at the same time.

There’s some great quality finds around – particularly now that people have been donating their lockdown clear-outs. There’s even scope to look at things differently. For example, you may love the fabric on a dress but the style just wouldn’t suit you. There’s no reason it couldn’t be turned into something that you’d cherish.

It's also worth noting that a lot of charities have struggled this year without the fundraising events that are usually mapped out throughout the year. Shopping with them is a great way to help boost their funding whilst also giving yourself a little treat, too!

When was the last time you charity shop crawled? I’ll be heading out this week and will absolutely keep you updated with my finds! I’d love to see yours, too. Tag me on insta @upcycle_studio.

Oh, and if you’re at that throwing out stage, consider donating instead! Charities will appreciate it much more than landfills.