5 simple ways to update your home for Spring

Now that Spring is well and truly here, and hopefully some decent weather is around to stay(!) it’s time to freshen up our homes.

The first place that I start – especially now that we can begin to entertain again – is the table. The dining table can really set the tone for the season, so a beautiful new table runner can bring some uplifting tones to daily meals. For a super simple finishing touch, try using empty jam jars filled with flowers or a tea light to bring a little more atmosphere.

I also like to incorporate some bunting – it never fails to amaze me that something so simple can bring such a sense of occasion. For example, this pastel bunting adds some ice cream tones to the house or garden. Perfect to welcome in the new season.

Spring is the time for new beginnings, so think fresh! Remove clutter from around you and, in true Marie Kondo style, anything that isn’t bringing you joy. This is not to say throw it out. Absolutely do not do that! But give other people the chance to enjoy the things that are starting to feel stale in your home. There are so many Facebook groups to utilise, or donate to your local charity shop. You might even get a little pocket money for your efforts, too.

And finally, a little challenge. Consider a new, practical use for something that you already have around your home. Dual function is really on trend at the moment and there’s no wonder why – we’ve spent so much more time at home this past year that it’s had to turn its hand to so many new activities (think home office). It doesn’t have to be a big change, but getting into the mindset of seeing objects around your house in multiple ways reduces the desire for buying new – and wasting more!

I’ll give you an example: I’ve used this jar for 18 months as a decorative piece only. Now it has a daily function… treats!!

I’d love to hear your Spring updates, please share them below.